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Operation Principle And Status For Slewing Drive
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Slewing drive slew worm drive, also known as rotary gear device, rotary drive device, rotary drive vice, slewing reducer, such as rotary turntable, rotation drive of the main components are: rotary bearing, worm, casting base and some standard parts such as bearings, bolts, etc. Rotary drive device using axle movement can reduce power consumption, ensure the safety protection.

our slewing drive device is mainly used in special vehicle steering machine, heavy plate carriers, container crane, the accessory crane, crane, overhead working truck, crane, gantry crane, small wind power station, space communications, satellite, solar tracking systems, and many other industries. Especially in developing rapidly in recent years the application of solar photovoltaic power generation industry is very broad. Rotary drive used in photovoltaic industry, general configuration slewing gear motor or ac gear motor; Main configuration in engineering machinery hydraulic motor as power to drive.

First, check the operation of the slewing drive operation backlash by flash Reversible mode of operation to determine the slewing drive backlash is large or small, with reference to the corresponding product manual model and the corresponding return gap, it can be determine whether qualified.

Secondly, from the rotating support to undertake rolling sound, after the start of the slewing drive, we need to check their quality of sound carefully to see if there is abnormal sound during operation, or if the presence of irregular sound through rolling sound judgment, we can determine whether it is a normal operating state, if there is abnormal sound occurs, we need to check which part is down, and to take effective maintenance methods.

Finally, the slewing drive is mounted on the body, load and run more than 30 minutes, all-round observation operation: noise, backlash, etc., if everything is normal, indicating that this slewing drive is qualified products, you can rest assured its operation.