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Judgement For Turntable Bearings' Failure
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Judgement for turntable bearings' failure. For tuntable bearings and slewing bearings identification of a fault in the same way, so you can judge turntable bearing failure according to some conditions.  By voice recognition: If the turntable bearing a slight noise at work, it proved to be normal;If there is abnormal great sound, it's proof of a failure.If there is abnormal sound still after clearing the fault, it proofslewing bearing's raceways need to be replaced.

Turntable bearing operating temperature to determine: it's necessary to record turntable bearing operating temperature once in a while, if the temperature is too high, then prove wheel bearing failure.

To judge by the lubricant, slewing bearings should be cleaned every once in a while. so we can collect the lubricant to see if there are dirty degree or other metal debris, if so the slewing bearings need to be clean up.