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Cylindrical Roller Bearing Simple Structure
- Nov 02, 2017 -

There are dozens of bearings on the car cylindrical roller bearings, large and small, including almost all the common types of bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and damage and damage is also more common. Cylindrical Roller Bearing As the cylindrical roller bearings are generally installed inside the organization, so inconvenient visual inspection, can only be based on the fault phenomenon for the first to determine, Cylindrical Roller Bearing and then disassemble the inspection.

The bearings should be cleaned before installation. Installation, should use a special tool will be flat evenly press the press, do not use the hand hammer percussion, in particular, prohibit direct impact on the bearing. When the bearing seat and seat hole with loose, it should repair the seat hole or replace the bearing, do not use the bearing with the surface of the pitting or mattress method of barely used. Cylindrical Roller Bearing When the bearing is disassembled, use the appropriate puller to pull the bearing out. Do not use a chisel, a hammer, etc. to strike the bearing.

Cylindrical roller bearings commonly used lubricants are lubricants and grease two. When the axis of the peripheral speed is less than 4-5m / s, or the car can not use lubricating oil lubrication parts, are used grease lubrication. Grease lubrication has the advantage of simple sealing structure, Cylindrical Roller Bearing grease is not easy to lose, little affected by the temperature, plus a grease can be used for a long time.

Use grease to pay attention to two issues, one is to follow the instructions of the car, choose the right grades of grease. For example, the car pump bearings should not use Naji grease, because of its poor water resistance. Second, the grease in the bearing to be appropriate, generally only fill the bearing cavity 1/2-l / 3 is appropriate, too much not only useless, but also increase the bearing running resistance, so that heating up. In particular, pay attention to the car wheel bearings, to promote the "empty hub lubrication", that is,Cylindrical Roller Bearing only a layer of grease on the bearing can be coated, otherwise, not only waste and poor heat, but also make the grease heat spill, may affect Brake performance.

Lubricant lubrication has the advantage of small friction resistance, and can heat, mainly for high-speed and high temperature working environment bearings. Cylindrical Roller Bearing Lubricant grades should be selected according to the requirements of the car manual, Cylindrical Roller Bearing and then replace the car maintenance cycle in a timely manner, after the release of old oil to the organization after the cleaning and then add new oil, refueling should be added to the provisions of the marking, or flush with the fuel (Depending on the specific structure of the car, the request may be), not more.