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Ball Bearing Development Of New Technologies
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The shaft parts of the machine, especially the spindle, Ball Bearing are generally assembled with thrust ball bearings and rotate at very high speeds, sometimes with very high heat. This phenomenon is not promptly ruled out, will lead to angular contact ball bearing overheating, Ball Bearing and the corresponding parts of the machine temperature and heat distortion, serious spindle and tail frame will be high, which not only affect the accuracy of the machine itself and machining accuracy , And will burn the bearings.

Rated fatigue life, is a group of the same type of bearing, Ball Bearing under the same conditions of operation, of which 90% of the angular contact ball bearings do not appear rolling fatigue caused by the total number of spalling. When the speed is constant, the total operating time is used to express the rated fatigue life.

In the study of thrust ball bearing life, Ball Bearing can not only consider the fatigue life, but also according to the bearing should have the performance, the use of several restrictions to consider. For example, grease lubricated bearing grease life. Noise life, wear life, etc., Ball Bearing depending on the use of different use limits of different benchmarks, therefore, most pre-selected experience limits.

Therefore, only the investigation of angular contact ball bearing damage, Ball Bearing it is difficult to know the real cause of injury. However, if you know the use of thrust ball bearings machinery, the use of conditions, the structure around the bearing to understand the situation before and after the accident, Ball Bearing combined with the bearing damage and several reasons to visit, you can prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

Angular contact ball bearings are available to determine, mainly to consider the degree of bearing damage, mechanical properties, importance, operating conditions, Ball Bearing to the next maintenance period and decide. If the following defects can not be used, you must replace the new thrust ball bearings. There is a crack or a gap on any of the inner ring, the outer ring, the rolling body, and the cage.

Application: In recent years the development of new technologies, bearing conditions in the application of less monitoring.

Directly by hand to take oil-free bearings, Ball Bearing to fully wash away the sweat on hand, and coated with high-quality mineral oil and then operate in the rainy season and summer, especially to pay attention to rust. Under certain operating conditions, Ball Bearing angular contact ball bearings can achieve longer life than conventional calculations, especially at light loads. These special operating conditions are when the rolling surfaces (rails and rolling elements) are effectively separated by a lubricating oil film and the surface damage that may be caused by contaminants. In fact, under ideal conditions, Ball Bearing the so-called permanent bearing life is possible

Do not allow strong stamping, do not allow the hammer directly hit the bearing, does not allow the transfer of pressure through the rolling body.

Angular contact ball bearing a rotation, the inner ring and the outer ring raceway surface, Ball Bearing because the rolling body is rolling contact, so the trajectory is dark, the trajectory attached to the raceway surface is not an exception, which can be learned Load conditions, Ball Bearing so when removing oil-free bearings, please pay attention to and observe the running track of the raceway surface.