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Tower crane slewing bearings' maintenance
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Tower crane slewing bearings' maintenance

Slewing bearing is the most significant component in tower crane, its working condition directly affect tower cranes' operation, therefore slewing bearings' proper installation and maintenance is very important. According to its long-term experience.  following our suggestion for the tower crane slewing bearing's installation and maitenance:

1. Mounting base for tower crane slewing bearing should be with high rigidity, and flat & clean surface, which avoid  the base from deformation,  after stress release treatment.

2. Before screwing down the bolts, should examine the engagement of gears, make sure gears' precision is up to the requirements. Gear teeth surface should be cleaned and regreased regularly.

3. Be aware of the abnormal noisy during slewing bearings' working, dismount and inspection will be necessary sometimes.

4.  Tower crane slewing bearing should be hoisted in horizontal all the time during movement and installation, to avoid deformation.

5. To ensure bolts work reliably, should examine its pretightening force regularly. (Normally after slewing bearing working 100 and 500 hours, pretension torsional moment of the bolt should be examined, and afterwards examined every 1000 working hours.)

6. Slewing bearings' gear ring surface is with four equal-spaced grease cup, which leads the grease to the raceway. Normally tower crane slewing ring bearing should be greased every 50 working hours, and each time the grease should be filled up until it leaks out from sealings.