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The characteristics of various types of bearings, don't run collection!
- Aug 01, 2016 -

Characteristics of deep groove ball bearings

On the structure of deep groove ball bearings each ring with a cross section of approximately continuous Groove Raceway of ball circumference one-third. It is mainly used for radial load, and can also withstand axial loads. In radial clearance of bearings increases, has the nature of angular contact ball bearings to withstand alternating axial loads in both directions. Friction small, high speed. Simple structure, low cost, easy to reach high manufacturing precision. By stamping the wave-shaped cage, inner diameter greater than 200mm or high speed bearings, machined cage. Variant structure of deep groove ball bearings up to more than 60 species.

Characteristics of angular contact ball bearings

Can bear both radial and axial loads, high speed, contact angle, axial load capacity is higher.

Single row bearings can accommodate axial loads in one direction, when subjected to radial load, will cause additional axial force. And only limited axial displacements of the shaft or housing in one direction. If the paired-up installation, make a bearing outer ring, the wide end facing the wide end narrow end facing the narrow end. So that you can avoid additional axial force, and can be made in both directions axis in axial clearance of the scope or shell. Angular contact ball bearings of the variant structure up to more than 70 species. Nominal contact angle 15 °, 25 °, 40 ° three larger contact angle higher axial load capacity. High precision and high speed bearings are normally take 15 ° contact angle, under the action of axial force, the contact angle will increase. For the inner or outer ring locking ring, the inner and outer rings can not be separated. After heat expansion in the outer ring and the inner ring, rolling elements, cage Assembly Assembly. More balls than deep groove ball bearings, rated maximum load in ball bearings, rigid, smooth operation. Can be adjusted using the inner and outer rings displacement radial clearance. Designed for using and applying preload to improve rigidity of bearing.

Characteristics of cylindrical roller bearings

Roller and the Raceway for line contact, large radial load capacity, applicable to bear heavy loads and shock loads. Low coefficient of friction, suitable for high speed, the speed limit near deep groove ball bearings. Type n and type NU axial movement, able to adapt due to thermal expansion or installation errors caused by changes in the relative position of the shaft and housing, can be used for free-end bearing. Inner or outer rings can be separated for easy installation and removal. Higher requirements on processing of the shaft and housing bore, relative bearings installed inside and outside the ring axis inclination to rein in, so as to avoid contact stress concentration. Taper of inner 1:12 double row cylindrical roller bearings, radial clearance can be adjusted higher radial stiffness, adapted to the machine spindle.