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Teach you how to use engine oil
- Aug 01, 2016 -

How to use engine oil:

(1) according to the characteristics of internal combustion engines and vehicles, namely oil load and speed selection. Load at low speed, such as bulldozers, cranes and drilling machines, generally used with high viscosity lubricants, such as SF40, CD50, light load of high speed, such as cars, jeeps, small power equipment generally used less viscosity lubricating oil, such as SG15W/40, SF30, and so on.

(2) according to the severity of engine. Such as engine temperature is higher than a district 230--250 ℃, the strength coefficient is greater than 5, selects the CD more than the turbocharged diesel engine oil oil, such as CD40, SG/CD40, and so on. Gasoline engine according to the compression ratio and the positive Crankcase pressure ventilation, exhaust gas recirculation and catalytic converters, such as used oil, compression ratio, use higher oil level, there is the additional devices, generally used more than SG oils.

(3) engine oil capacity and power ratio is also used the oil factor. Engine oil capacity and power ratio is also used the oil factor. Engine oil capacity fuel quality requirements are not demanding, high oil capacity oil quality requirements. European production of engines in general small size, big power, requires the use of high quality oils, such as SHSJ.

(4) according to region, season, selected oil temperatures. Winter in cold regions, should choose oil with low viscosity, pour point, or multigrade oils, such as Northeast China, can choose SF10W/30, SH5W/30,; high temperatures all year round, such as Hainan Province, Guangdong and Guangxi region, you can choose higher viscosity of oil, such as SF40, CD50.

(5) according to engine wear and selected oils. New engine oil viscosity should be used smaller (energy-saving), and wearing large, cylinder walls and piston clearance engine should use high viscosity (consider sealing).