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In operation of centrifugal fan bearing vibration reason analysis
- Aug 01, 2016 -

Centrifugal fan is mechanical energy is converted into wind energy at high pressure machines, it is the use of high-speed rotating impeller the gas to speed up and slow down, change direction, the mechanical energy is converted into wind energy. We all know that is composed of centrifugal fans shell drive mechanism as well as, main shaft, impeller, bearings and motor. Centrifugal fans due to the long hours of work and wear the bearings will more or less failed, then for everyone to explain reasons for excessive bearing vibration of centrifugal fan.

Bearing vibration of centrifugal fans is a common trouble in operation, vibration will cause bearing of centrifugal fan and blade damage, loose bolts, housings and wind damage, failure, serious threat to the safe operation of centrifugal fan. More reasons for excessive bearing vibration of centrifugal fans, such as appropriate treatment approach to the analysis of different reasons, often can have a multiplier effect

Keep blade non-work area furnace processing dust centrifugal fan vibration caused by such defects are common in boiler centrifugal fan, characterized by sudden increase in centrifugal fan vibration during operation. This is because when the gas when entering the impeller, and the rotation of the blade surface has certain point of view, based on the principles of fluid mechanics, will spiral produced gas leaves the non-face, and dust particles in a gas due to the vortex will slowly deposited on the work surface. Airfoil blades most vulnerable to fouling. When ash reaches a certain weight, the effect of the centrifugal force due to the rotation of the impeller will be part of the large ash out of the impeller. Because of ash on the leaves can not completely uniform, gathered or to dump ash block time is not synchronized, uneven result because leaves of ash resulting in unbalanced impeller mass distribution, so that the increased vibration of centrifugal fan.

In this case, usually leaves dust on eradication, the impeller will regain balance, thereby reducing the vibration of centrifugal fan. In practice, usually is after a temporary shutdown open manhole of a centrifugal blower casing, maintenance personnel into the casing cleaning the impeller fouling. This environment, insecurity, and result in unplanned outage of unit, repair time, labor intensive.

After the study, presents a real proven treatment methods. Adding a row of nozzles at the mouthpiece of the chassis (4~5), will be transferred into a different angle of the nozzle. Nozzles connected to the ash-water pump, ash-sluicing water as washing ash medium power, reduced load after single-sided centrifugal fans, at the moment of stopped centrifugal fans quickly opens the valve, impeller inertia effect of spraying leaves non-working surface, open the shell valves will be installed at the bottom ash water to drain away. So true keep furnace and vibration of centrifugal fan. With ash-flushing water for cleaning media, compared with the steam and compressed air, with a low requirement of nozzle and cleaning range, small effects, and leaves the wear and so on.