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General bearing heater features and advantages
- Aug 01, 2016 -

Frist, Complete functions, convenient operation:

Temperature control, time control, temperature, continuous choke on the installation, configuration, automatic demagnetization, voltage regulation, sound signals and error prompting function; clear the display, easy to operate.

Second, security:

(A) safety:

1, under the Germany electrical engineering Association standard design;

2, overcurrent and fault protection circuits.

(B) work safety:

1, only the metal part is heated without losing lubricants;

2, without knocking impact, extend the life of workpiece.

Third, high heat efficiency:

Heating speed and efficiency as high as 98%. According to statistics than the traditional method of thermal power 80%, saving more than 60% electric furnace.

Four, running intelligent, high accuracy:

Process controlled by micro-computer operation, easy maintenance module, automatic program, soft start and soft stop, automatic correction of heating speed.

Wu, product durability:

Product development and design a scientific and reasonable, internal components high quality keyboard dust, water, oil, have a longer life span than other heaters.

Six, wide range of uses:

Not only used for bearings, can also be used to install sealed bearings, gears, gear lever, seals, insulation, gaskets, Pistons, bushings, transmission pulleys.

Seven complete, practical products, model:

From 2.0KVA to 100KVA different models. 2KVA into suitcases, 14KVA mounted on trolley, convenient for operation.

Eight, environmental protection:

Consumption of electricity that renewable resources, clean smoke free Coke, no odor, no waste, and so on. Improving the working conditions of the workers, which can reduce labor intensity and improve Assembly schedule, production reached civilization, conducive to sustainable development.