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Bearing Rust prevention work
- Aug 01, 2016 -

Bearing Rust prevention work is an important part of the work, in particular the process of rust, bearing after pickling, cleaning, grinding, heat treatment workshop, there are many procedures. When the product is not used when the production, a processed order will stored in the library in the Middle, so rust the bearing rings must be stored between processes.

Operation antirust General methods are the following:

1. submerged in rust-proof tank

Bearing 5% trap immersed in sodium nitrite and 0.6% in aqueous solution of sodium carbonate, rust is good, but many rust-proof tanks and other equipment, take up a lot of space and management are not easy.

2. dip thick solution of sodium nitrite

After cleaning the product, contains 15%-20% sodium nitrite and 0.6% immersion in a solution of sodium carbonate, then stacked it up. Using this method a shorter protection period, generally only 7-14 days, and during the rainy season, due to the humid weather, only 2-3 days

Must be reprocessed, requires labor and money